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People Knowledge

Knowledge and Experience

Taking advantage of people means using the knowledge and experience of every person on the payroll by getting them involved in the problem solving process. Nothing happens in an organization without people. No matter how automated things may get it’s still people that design, install, operate and maintain the technologies and processes within our companies. People solve problems. There are many mistakes that occur in the workplace, but our first question should be “Was this problem intentional?” Most of the time, the answer will be “no.” People don’t try to make mistakes. For a change of perspective, instead of referring to the front line employees as the people at the bottom of the organization and the executive managers as the people at the top of the organization use the term “closest to” and “farthest away.” The people on the front lines are the ones closest to the work. They have an incredible amount of information about what is not operating the way it should and why. If people believe that they are going to be disciplined when a problem occurs they will not be willing to come forward. The information they have is what we need to effectively analyze a problem and ultimately prevent it from occurring. The focus must be on prevention by involving those closest to the work.